What is the difference Between C22 vs C276 ?

The essential point which differs between Hastelloy C22 and Hastelloy C276 is the applications in which they are used based on their chemical elements. Grade C22 is highly important as it has upgraded adaptability. It also possesses excellent resistance to chloride-induced pitting. Compared to Hastelloy, C276 is very effective in highly chemical environments due to its enhanced performance.

C22 and C276 grades are based on chromium, nickel and molybdenum components. These grades are known as Superalloys. Varying in chemical elements, they are also used in different applications. A characteristic that highlights the difference is the high resistance to oxidizing media by chromium found in C22 Hastelloy Grade.

What is C22 Hastelloy?

Hastelloy C22 is also known as Superalloy. Chromium, molybdenum and nickel are the participants mainly found in this alloy. Premium Resistance, seen in oxidizing and non-oxidizing chemical environments, is the feature of C22.

Alloy C22 is also meant for serving shield to metal from the formation of holes, known as pitting. 2.4602 material has been built in such a way that it preserves itself from Chloride induced pitting. However, the key factor to note is that stainless steel is likely to suffer from this corrosion which Hastelloy c22 composition safeguards the Grade. Hastelloy c-22 chemical compatibility is so good that it also handout stress corrosive cracks along with crevice attacks.

On top of that, compared to other grade alloys, C22 Hastelloy material contains more chromium elements than the Hastelloy group. Hast C22 performs great weldability, followed by excellent ductility. Smooth fabrication is performed of Hastelloy 22 on Machinery units. When comes to applications where c22 hast is used are marine units, heat exchangers, reactors, turbines, etc.

Hastelloy C22 Suppliers provide a variety of products such as :-

-> Hastelloy C22 Round Bar

-> UNS N06022 Sheet, Plate, and Coil

-> Alloy 22 Flange

-> C22 Steel Fastener

-> C22 Hastelloy Socketweld Fitting

-> Hastelloy C-22 Pipe and Tube

C22 Alloy Chemical Composition Chart is below :-

-> Chromium 22%

-> Nickel 56%

-> Molybdenum 13%

-> Tungsten 3%

-> Cobalt 2.5%

-> Iron 3%

What is Hastelloy C276?

Hastelloy C276 is also known as Hast C276. Material C-276, being an alloy, contains prime chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. Besides, it has a high amount of chromium compared to the Hastelloy group grades. The distinction between c22 and c276 is that C276 has low amount of chromium than C22 Grade. It shows great performance in an extremely high chemical processing environment. An interesting fact is that C-276 Hastelloy is the first Grade of the Hastelloy group.

Exceptional Hastelloy group has excellent ductility, and C276 alloy is not less than that. UNS N10276 has good weldability. Hastelloy material presents extraordinary Resistivity against corrosion, especially stress corrosion cracking. Oxidizing and Non-oxidizing acidic corrosion gets intense combat from C-276 Hastelloy material, as it has a good molybdenum and chromium content. Exceptional Resistivity towards pitting, that too in the attendance of Halides along with Chloride, performed by his C-276. Chemical sulfide creates stress cracking which is again resisted by C 276.

Hastelloy C276 manufacturers provide a variety of products such as:-

-> Hastelloy C276 Flange

-> UNS N10276 Pipe and Tube

-> Alloy 276 Round Bar

-> C276 Steel Socketweld Fitting

-> C276 Hastelloy Fastener

-> Hastelloy C-276 Sheet, Plate, and Coil.

C276 Alloy Chemical Composition Chart is below:-

-> Chromium 16%

-> Nickel 57%

-> Molybdenum 16%

-> Tungsten 4%

-> Cobalt 2.5%

-> Iron 5%

What are the Difference between C22 vs. C276?

Chromium, nickel, and molybdenum are the chemical elements in both alloys, namely C22 and C276. However, one alloy has more chromium elemnt than the other one. It is a point that several metallic components are possessed by both the Hastelloy, but a remarkable difference between C22 Hastelloy and C276 Hastelloy is their actual composition. For that reason itself, the applications are different for both of them. The major difference between C22 and C276 is caused because one has enhanced resistance to pitting along with exceptional versatility, and C276 alloy material is prominent for its notable performance in harsh chemical processing conditions.


Summary - C22 vs. C276

Hastelloy C22 and Hastelloy C276 are both prominent in their ability to show great performance in an excess environment. Common between both is the chemicals present in them. An uncommon thing between them is that one has more chromium than another. The key aspect is that C22 gives sharp resistivity with versatility, and C276 has in-built strength for extreme chemical situations.